The Crown Work Box

The Crown Work Box

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More than 150 years ago acknowledgement of the need to perform routine inspection led to the design of removable frames. Subsequently, many management techniques have been developed leading to overall healthier colonies and improved production. Royalty Hives has taken the next step in a continuing effort to improve colonies’ health and production.

Introducing the CROWN WORK BOX. The CROWN WORK BOX is designed to replace the inner cover and permanently remain on the hive enabling year-round performance of modern management techniques. Features of the CROWN WORK BOX include an easy mechanism to feed both pollen and winter patties, added feeding space, simplified introduction of replacement queen, multi-function port that may be utilized as a second entrance, a vent or be closed when necessary.

Made in the USA from durable pine wood. These boxes will put your average box to shame and are the ideal addition to your work box.

Constructed of North American lumber. Dimensions are 14" tall x 18" long x 14" wide. Each box is hand constructed.